In order to manage large and complex data effectively and ensure data traceability, we have created a powerful commissioning management tool called Cobia. Cobia allows us to easily perform commissioning related activities such as following pre-commissioning checklists, recording data by filling up test records, and having your level 1-3 test scripts automatically created by uploading your asset list.

Commissioning Documentation and delivery Platform.
Predefined CxM Procedures and Test Scripts.
Project Reporting Dashboard.
Real Time Progress Reporting.
QR code asset tagging

Cobia is the latest advance in commissioning management software offered by Global-Tech. Cobia has been developed by our in house software team alongside some of Europe’s leading commissioning engineers, to take the unknow out of your commissioning process and bring certainly to the procedure.

The Cobia Business Sectors:

Data Centre Construction and Operations.
Commercial & Residential Construction Project.
Process, Pharma, Infrastructure & Utilities Projects

Cobia has been designed to be an innovative, intuitive and most importantly cloud based to better reflect the industries need to be agile in today’s ever changing environment and provide you with a commissioning management platform fit for the 21st century”. The software has been designed to provide clear tracking, traceability, and accountability for each stage of the commissioning process for all of your assets and systems

Want to know more about Cobia?

If you have a project where you feel you would benefit from our expertise, please contact any member of our software team directly.