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Test Scripts

A test script is a set on instructions that will need to be performed on a system/asset to ensure that the system functions as expected. Cobia allows all test scripts on a project tot be automatically generated when the asset list is uploaded. Your test scripts have been produced by leading commissioning engineers plus any additional inspections & tests are easily added.

Tagging tracker

Our commissioning tagging tracker is automatically generated from the test scripts to prevent users repeatedly entering the same information. The tagging tracker allows users to see the progress of each asset in real time.


Our dashboard provides a single pane visibility into all key project metrics, this means total visibility of the project commissioning, increased productivity and reduced stress as you can view each factor just be logging in.

Key issues

Your projects key issues are easily identified and presented on your dashboard for easy reporting and accountability.

Weekly lookahead

See your key activities that are being undertaken using our seven day lookahead.

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