Commissioning Management Services


Global Commissioning specialises in bringing buildings to life through a rigorous and complete commissioning process that is internationally recognised as best practise.
Global CxM offer Commissioning Management and Validation services to ensure that all project developers and Operators receive a fully operational and design compliant building at handoverThese services should be engaged on the project from initial design concept reviews through installation quality to static testing, pre-commissioning and final functional testing to building occupation.

Our experienced independent Commissioning Managers and Validation team will oversee this process every single step of the way undertaking design reviews on all construction drawings producing a commissioning plan/ strategy whilst Project managing the process and the specialists team through every step.

This process involves the collaboration of developers, designers, engineers and construction teams to enable the successful delivery of the fully design compliant building services.


Our unique approach addresses each step of the process through a thorough analysis of the levels 0-5, using this his strategy creates a complete assessments of the status of commissioning

  • Air and water volumes
  • Water samples, analysis, legionella risk assessments in accordance with the approved code of practice
  • Energy management systems
  • Building management Systems
  • Scada
  • HV and LV electrical systems
  • Lighting lux levels and durations
  • Generators
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Fire Systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Smoke extract
  • Smoke control
  • Environmental and Heat Load testing
  • Life safety Cause & Effect
  • Integrated systems testing


Our mission is to ensure that the complete validation and compliance or MEP building services is carried out in line with the employers requirements, design, specifications, current standards and legislation.

Commissioning validation and qualification has become and essential element on projects where time is at a premium and protection of the systems and associated timeline are critical.

We specialize in ensuring that the MEP and associated infrastructure services within a building are strategically planned, commissioned and validated. To ensure compliance with our clients contractual obligations.


We offer a turnkey specialist electrical support service to the construction industry and end users to safely control, manage and energise their networks.

Our Senior Authorised Persons (SAP’s) are fully trained to carry out switching and isolation of HV/LV power networks, operating under our stringent safety rules. These SAP’s undergo regular training to keep them up-to-date with the latest industry requirements, and health and safety rules. We provide independent, specialist engineering consultancy and test and assessment services to all sectors of infrastructure and the built environment, primarily focusing on critical infrastructure.

We have over 25 years experience working on major projects, helping to ensure that the operation of the infrastructure is resilient and robust. This is of paramount importance to the owners/operators of such installations, where down-time is at best costly, at worst dangerous. The type of infrastructure projects that we work on include banks, dealing floors, data centres, hospitals, treatment rooms, power stations, airports and control towers, railway stations and secure facilities, where reliability and resilience are of vital importance.

Concept and planning, through design and commissioning, to operation and maintenance, Global CXM provide you with the technical knowledge, services and support to make informed decisions, to help ensure the success of your project. We can also assist your site management teams, who often have little or no experience of electrical networks, understand the implications of the production and safety of these systems. Further, we can then help your managers to become authorized persons, or we can work alongside your staff to make a recommendation as to their suitability for the role, after initially explaining what your responsibilities as a Manager are for issuing an authorizing certificate.

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