What is a commissioning company? 

A commissioning company is an organisation that oversees the commissioning of a construction project. It is the process of making sure everything at a construction site is designed, placed, tested, used, and maintained as per the operational needs of the owner. 

What are the four major phases of a commissioning process? 

  • Preparation + design 
  • Pre-construction + construction 
  • Commissioning of services + pre-handover 
  • Initial occupation + post-occupancy care 

What is Cobia? 

Cobia has been designed allow us to perform commissioning related activities such as following pre commissioning checklists and recording of data. The documentation is produced by the system upfront at an early stage so commissioning managers can focus on real commissioning matters. By  uploading the asset register, Cobia produces all level 1-3 test scripts and then level 4 & 5 test scripts can then be tailored to suit individual project requirements. 

What is Global Permits? 

Global permits is our cloud-based permit to work system that controls work and ensures the prevention on major accidents within the workplace are recognised and avoided.  

Can users simultaneously use the software platforms? 


Is there a help desk? 

Yes, both platforms have a live chat box where any queries or concerns can be raised.