Global Commissioning Takes Centre Stage at Data Cloud Event Cannes 2024 as Gold Sponsor

Global had the privilege of participating as a Gold Sponsor at the prestigious Data Cloud Event 2024 in Cannes, a gathering that brought together the best and brightest minds in the industry. This event, known for its vibrant atmosphere and forward-thinking discussions, provided us with the perfect platform to connect with existing clients, forge new relationships, and immerse ourselves in the latest advancements in the data cloud sector.

Networking: Strengthening Bonds and Building New Bridges

One of the highlights of the event was the invaluable opportunity to network. Our team engaged in dynamic conversations with our current clients, reinforcing our commitment to their success and discussing new strategies to further enhance our collaborations. These interactions are at the heart of what makes Global Commissioning a leader in the industry – our dedication to fostering strong, lasting relationships.

Equally exciting was the chance to meet new potential clients and partners. The energy and enthusiasm shared among the attendees were palpable, as we exchanged ideas and explored potential synergies. The diverse array of professionals presents at the event ensured that every conversation was enriching and opened doors to new possibilities.

Bridging the Skills Gap: A Visionary Speech by CEO Louis Charlton

A major highlight for Global Commissioning was the keynote speech delivered by our CEO, Louis Charlton. His address, titled “Bridging the Skills Gap,” captivated the audience and underscored the critical importance of addressing the growing divide between the skills demanded by the data cloud industry and the current workforce capabilities.

Louis Charlton was accompanied by a member from STACK and Kirby Engineering, adding a rich depth to the conversation. Together, they eloquently outlined the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, emphasising the need for continuous education, strategic partnerships, and innovative training programs. Their collective vision for a more skilled and adaptable workforce resonated deeply with the attendees, sparking thoughtful discussions and inspiring action towards a more inclusive and proficient future for the data cloud sector.










Celebrating Excellence: Supporting the Data Cloud Awards

As strong advocates for recognising and celebrating excellence within our industry, Global Commissioning was proud to attend the Data Cloud Awards. The awards ceremony was a magnificent occasion, honouring the remarkable achievements and innovations that are driving the data cloud industry forward.

We were thrilled to support all the nominees, each representing the pinnacle of dedication and ingenuity. The celebration of their successes not only highlighted the incredible talent within our field but also reinforced the importance of striving for excellence in all that we do.










We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organisers of the Data Cloud Event 2024 and to all those who made this event a success. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the data cloud industry.